“If you haven´t seen the world below the water, you haven´t seen The Philippines!!”

snorkeling As well as many island tours to the various beautiful reefs of the area we have one of the best reefs right at the end of our pier, you will find a vast and unspoiled coral reef, 1,5 km long and 50 m wide. One of the largest and most pristine protected reefs in Busuanga. Here you can spend your days, exploring the aquatic world of Tropical Pacific Asia.

snorkeling2 Common species found on our reef  include the beautiful and flamboyant  Lionfish, a huge school of swirling Jacks, a resident Goliath Grouper, regular visits from everyone’s favourite the Hawksbill Turtle, Crocodile fishes, Rays, Trigger fish, Sweet lips, Cuttlefish, Clown fish´s and a massive variety of macro to excite even the most experienced snorkelers. We also have regular visits from Dugongs (Sea cows) on the South Side of our reef (see Gallery).

NIGHT SNORKELING – You can even have the experience of a life time under clear starry skies by renting a waterproof flashlight and going night snorkeling where you will hear the Lionfish “bark”, see bioluminescence ‘sparkling’  in the water and possibly meet lobsters, hermit and decorator crabs, shrimps, sleeping fishes and watch the coral reef itself come alive to feed.