CORAL BAY BEACH & DIVE RESORT (11*59´13.25N – 119*51´13.97Ø)


popototan-big Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is on Popototan Island, situated in a remote and pristine Marine Park conservation area. Nestled amongst a beautiful archipelago of tropical islands, pearl farms and reefs. We offer you the peace and serenity of an island hide away with activities and options to explore this fantastic area. Experience nature´s magnificent beauty!


Described by Jacques-Cousteau (the famous French Diver and explorer) as “the last great wilderness” the archipelago of Palawan is a magnificent lost world to discover. The country´s largest province. Bounded by irregular coastlines of fine white sand with an interior consisting of lush virgin forests and incredible wildlife (see Gallery).

Situated to the southwest of Manila you will find Busuanga island in the Calamian Island Group – 2.300 km2 (888 sq. mi.). 1.769 Islands with the Cuyo islands to the northwest, and the Balabac-Bugsak group to the southwest. Busuanga is the biggest island of the Calamian group. The island is home to a wildlife sanctuary, amazing mangrove forests, limestone geography and is abundant in magnificent reefs and wrecks for the SCUBA Diver and Snorkeler.

From here your adventure to Popototan Island begins.