How to get there


You will take a domestic flight to Busuanga Airport in Palawan. We are happy to support You with recommend websites of the Airlines that fly to Busuanga Airport from Manila, Boracay and Puerto Princesa. You can book your flights directly online:



If You decide to arrive by ferry, please check and book your ticket with 2GO Ferry


The Resort Island is situated approximately two hours journey from Coron Town or Busuanga Airport.

For the smoothest arrival possible, we will provide a roundtrip Island transfer and pickup services from Coron Town, Airport, Ferry Terminal and other nearby Islands(*).

The transfer rates are as follow:

Daylight Transfer: PHP 2,500 per one-way per car/boat (maximum of 10 guests)

Night Transfer(**): PHP 3,000 per one-way per car/boat (maximum of 10 guests)

The fees will be split amongst guests, depending on the number of bookings requesting for the transfer service at that time.(***)

In the event of delays, our logistics personnel will wait for your arrival. The travel time is approximately 1 hour by Van + 1 hour by boat or direct boat 2.5 hours(****)


Please provide arrival/flight details to organize your transfers to and from the Resort.

(*) all roads in north /west of airport is dirt roads,  difficult to travel and required extra fee

(**) after sunset (5:30 PM), the driver/captain have  harder job and they are on overtime.

(***) we appreciate your understanding of bringing also resort staff/supplies during the trip.

(****) Due to unanticipated circumstances, the resort might arrange boat direct to/from Coron Town