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Reefs and Lakes


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Fantastic reef diving on many varied beautiful reefs:
(Fringing Reefs here are everywhere! But these are some of the best)

Black Island – a beautiful Island great for snorkelling, diving and swimming for the whole family! Soft & hard corals in abundance and a Wreck (see wrecks)

North Cay – Slope of corals, ends at 30m by grottos, where you can be lucky to run into a shark or two.

Calambuyan and Lusong Island (Coral Garden) has slopes going down to 15-20m, a rich life of large corals bommies, and we can even choose to do a great drift dive.

Barrracuda Lake – A magnificent volcanic lake with prominent a Thermocline and Halocline reaching temperatures of 38 degrees, with many unique and strange features to provide the most unique dive you will EVER do!

AND of course our own personal playground and training site – The magnificent pristine Coral Bay House Reef and Wreck! With one of the largest school of Fish (Jackfishes) you can see in Coron and Busuanga!