How to get here


From Manila, Cebu or Puerto Princesa.

Destination Airport: Busuanga / Coron., or

Option to travel with Ferry Boat from Manila.

Travelling from El Nido.
There are Banca Boats available from El Nido but caution is advised on travel times and local weather.

For a minimum of two nights stay
“We also offer FREE transfer to and from Coral Bay and Coron Office at 10 am or 4 pm
(approximately, at discretion of management).”

When you arrive in Busuanga airport, you can travel to Coron Town for 150php (approx) or you can get a private airport transfer direct to Coral Bay at 3000php before 4.30pm and 3500php after 4.40pm.

To get to Coral Bay takes approximately one hour by van. A very picturesque ride thru the jungle and small native villeges !
After that, a one ouer boattransfer to Coral bay,

At the free transfers can also be from Coron by boat only, a 2,5 houer’s beautiful trip thru small tropical islands and the famous perlfarms !

This boat “ride” can also be ordered, as a private transfer including island hopping !

Free transfers 10am and 4pm ; time and trip can be changed from day to day of the management !
So please confirm in Coron office the day before.